Read here some of the insights and experience we made during our interviews

Oct 29th 2016 - Interview excerpt from Judy de Lozier on Defining Heart Skills: "I would say that it has to do with that you're not just sending your cognitive mind out to lead, that you're bringing the whole system. That's the first step to really understanding that you are part of a system. The body, as a unit, the brain and all the rest of the organs together, that is the first corporation, the original corporation. To embody with a good heart, your leadership, those are the ones we remember when we think about it. Those are the ones that we go, "Wow. They were amazing. They were amazing social leaders, or they were amazing political leaders, or they were amazing..., boy we love that guy". How many company leaders can you walk into the city where they work, and people, not only they know him, but they loved him or her. Those are the ones people remember. Those are the ones that make a difference in their community. They're the ones that make a difference in the quality of life for their employees, (the ones) that have enough awareness to go, "I can be a moral human being if I create the opportunity for people who work for me to have a better life." They give eight hours of their day, or more, every day to you. Again, that's what I loved about Dee Hawkes. She said, "If you don't understand that you're in service to the people below you, then you don't know anything about leadership." That's the way I would think about people who come from the heart are aware of the system, not only their own system as a whole, but as larger systems, and communities of larger system. "